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Sourcing Serenity: RG Sydney’s Escape to the Billabong!

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Anyone who has ever been to a yoga retreat will know that it is not just about the yoga. It is the chance to relax and re-charge your batteries away from the madness of the city, catch up on your sleep, and enjoy some rare R&R.

​​And that’s exactly what team RG Sydney had in mind when we hot footed our way to the Billabong retreat for an (in our opinion) well- deserved break. 

Upon arrival we were greeted by serene bushland, a roaring fire, and the as advertised billabong (which did not disappoint!)

One of us (ahem, Cat Biles) could not enjoy the yoga having recently fractured two ribs pretending to be an F1 driver at Moore Park’s Hyper Karting (convenient, given some of the sessions were 7am 😉) Still, all in all it was an awesome couple of days with lots of solo down time, team bonding, and laughs. 

We loved it all, but some things deserve a special mention:

  • The food. We are all still dreaming of (and drooling over) the vegetable pie 

  • Emily channelling her powers of perception and spirituality to read our tarot cards (it was all good stuff – phew!

  • A team member who shall not be named snoring their way through a meditation session keeping perfect time with the music – impressive!

  • Cold, crisp, sunny mornings spent drinking many cups of tea 

  • Reading books by the fire. Blanket, cuppa, sugar-free cookies and no need to move for several hours

  • Facials. We are not exaggerating when we say we all looked ten years younger 

  • Sneaking in wine and chocolate to consume secretly in our room after our healthy detox veg-filled dinners

  • And of course, the yoga! 

We came back to the city sporting big grins, feeling super refreshed, energised, and ready to hit the new financial year! 

It's easy to get burnt out, and with mental health and wellbeing being talked about more than ever, we highly recommend the Billabong retreat (or something similar) as a fun way to reward and re-energise your team!