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Candidate Services

So here you are, looking at Candidate Services on our website. Maybe just browsing, maybe information gathering, maybe thinking of moving, or maybe just a slow day in the office….

We know that making a career move is a big decision. You may not be ready for that yet or you might have taken that decision and be raring to go. Whatever your situation we are here to hold out a helping hand on your journey.

We believe that helping you to make the right career decisions starts with us understanding who you are: not just what you do, but what matters to you, what are your priorities, what are you goals in life. Then, and only then, we’ll give you the most informed advice and access to the widest range of opportunities around.

We don’t offer a “one size fits all” approach to careers support. You are special: an individual with a unique skill set, values and life goals. We recognise that and tailor our consultancy support to the indivdual who is…YOU!

YOU want sector knowledge

Our Team understands the Research, Data and Marketing Strategy sectors better than most, simply because we have been specialising in these areas for many years.We also bring a mix of consultancy and clientside knowledge to your job search enabling us to see new opportunities from both sides.

If you are an amazing Researcher, Analyst, Strategist, Behaviourist or any sort of data professional, you are exactly what our clients are looking for.

YOU want people who share your vision

We are not just about finding you a job you can do; we are about finding you a job in a company with the right culture, personalities and shared vision for you. We take time to get to know you so that we can personalise your search for you. Tell us what is important to you and we’ll tell you how to find it and how to land it.

YOU want access to the movers and shakers in your sector

Over the years we have built strong personal relationships with the key people in our markets, in both the established and the up-and-coming companies. We use this extensive contact base to reach out and find the right job for you. By personalising the process we often have jobs on offer before they are more widely marketed.

Let us energise you with truly flexible, inclusive and engaging workplaces – new clients, new teammates and new challenges.

YOU want job-specific interview guidance

Many websites tell you generically “How to Prepare for an Interview”. You’ll already know that. What we do is tell you how to prepare for a specific interview; THE interview; THE job.

Knowing the right people within the sector gives us an insight into company cultures, values and ambitions. We can guide you on how best to present yourself to your potential new employer, to negotiate to mutual benefit, and to press all the right buttons – all so that you land THE job.

YOU want consultants who are with you for the long run

Many of the people we help to find jobs often work with us throughout their careers, both for personal development or to hire for their team. We see your next job as the start of our relationship with you – the start of a journey and not the destination alone.

So whether you are seriously considering a move or just fancy a chat, give us a call or drop us a line.

Can’t help if it’s a slow day in the office though!