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Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

Resources Group recognises its responsibility to operate in an ethical manner, minimize the effect of its activities on the environment, and also to giving something back to society.

 To ensure it meets this commitment, it fulfils the following objectives:

  • to conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards, being honest and fair in our dealings with business partners and suppliers

  • to achieve a sound environmental performance by monitoring and controlling the impact of our activities on the environment

  • to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and support the good causes associated with our profession.

To achieve this we have policies and training in place to ensure we operate our business to the highest ethical standards. We believe that small changes can have a huge beneficial impact on the environment and so we pursue the following:

  • switching off lights and equipment when not in use

  • increasing recycling

  • reducing the amount of paper wasted

  • using products that can be recycled

  • work with environmentally conscious suppliers and distributors

Responsibility for implementation and monitoring of our social and environmental responsibility policies lies with the Group Managing Director who ensures that the policies are embedded into our management systems. All staff are appropriately trained to understand, not only the policies, but the rationale behind them. The Company monitors its performance in all of the above areas to ensure ongoing improvement in environmental performance.