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How inclusive is your company?

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How Inclusive is your company?

A lot of our clients have been asking us recently “how do we attract a more diverse talent pool?”.  It’s a good question and one we are keen to help our clients answer as we believe that respect for differences, visible and non-visible, should permeate all businesses.

This belief is based not only on the moral and ethical drivers for diversity and inclusion but is also based on our experience that employing a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences brings value to the workplace and is key to future growth.

Inclusion starts with candidate attraction but it also needs to run through the entire selection process and then onwards throughout the client’s organisational culture.

All candidates need to feel that their differences are respected and that they themselves are valued. Our Consultants always remember that not all differences are visible. They are all trained in finding diverse talent using inclusive job adverts and descriptions, inclusive shortlisting  and inclusive interviewing.

All candidates are selected on the basis of ability and experience and CVs are submitted to clients without specific reference to gender, race, and age.

We advertise roles across multiple diverse job boards and media, including a combination of specialist professional and more generalist sources, to ensure a wide reach to potential applicants. Our Consultants are trained to produce non-discriminatory advertisements at all times.

We then advise clients on ways in which they can ensure the candidate interview experience is a positive one. Client interviews offer an opportunity to demonstrate that the culture the candidate is joining is one of inclusion, support and belonging so that the candidate feels espected and accepted.

We advise on the language and behaviour used at the interview and suggest that employment decisions be made on the basis of fair and objective criteria and those decisions recorded. 

Working together this way with candidates and clients we can help ensure the best possible outcome for both sides.