Helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

When is a good time to move?

How long is a piece of string?! It really is up to you, though we recommend that you do not leave it too late. If you feel that the time is right and you are not "desperate" to move, this is perhaps the best time, giving you the chance and the time to consider your options. Leaving it too late or putting off a move until the reasons become too acute may result in a rushed decision.

How do you work?

Our team of talented Consultants focuses on speaking to and meeting applicants to understand their requirements while also locating and identifying the very best opportunities in the industry. When speaking to an applicant or a client, our goal is to get the match right and make an introduction, which meets the candidate’s career objectives while matching the client’s recruitment brief. Meticulous attention to service quality and impartial advice are at the very core of our approach and philosophy.

Who will you approach on my behalf?

Resources Group will only contact companies with your prior agreement.

Do you charge candidates for your services?

No, Resources Group does not charge any individual for helping them find a new job. Our clients engage our services to fill their vacancies and a charge is made to the company/client on successful completion of the assignment.

How do I prepare my CV?

Please visit the CV/Interview Guide in the Candidates section.

How do I prepare for an interview?

Your Resources Group Consultant will be a specialist in your field of expertise. Usually, your Consultant will be able to provide you with a job spec if available and an overview of the role, though if the vacancy is managed by a different Consultant, you will also benefit from a briefing from this Consultant who will have a good understanding of the company and role. The emphasis of Resources Group is teamwork - we work together and ensure that all our clients and applicants are speaking to a specialist in their field.

We also recommend that you visit the "Guide for Interviews" part of the CV/Interview Guide in the Candidates section.

Daytime interviews are difficult due to work, what do I do?

Many companies understand that it is not always easy to take time off work for interviews. Most should be able to do an early morning, lunch time or evening first interview, though most employers would expect that second interviews should take place during the daytime if possible. Resources Group also recommends this practice as it will give the individual the chance to see a company in the daytime environment, which will help you gauge the ambience and culture far better than out of office hours.

Do you follow up references?

Resources Group will seek references only if requested by a client and only with your prior consent and knowledge.

Are travel expenses paid for?

Travel expenses are a matter between the applicant and the client/company/employer. It is not typical that travel expenses are provided if applicants are travelling within the same town or region. Sometimes companies may make allowances or provide some assistance if they are requesting a candidate to attend an interview at the applicant’s cost where the candidate was not already due to be in the same town/district. It is best to raise any queries regarding travel expenses with the employer’s HR team before the interview date.

Who will negotiate my salary?

Salary negotiations can sometimes be easy, sometimes complex and involved. Either way, your Resources Group Consultant is ideally placed to negotiate on your behalf, taking into account your own requirements plus any budgetary considerations on the part of the employer. Our goal is to negotiate the best possible salary for you without undermining the recruitment process, and to work in your best interests at all times. It is therefore important for you to be transparent and clear with regards to your requirements, expectations and any changes in your personal circumstances/salary that may occur during the recruitment process.

When and how should I resign?

We recommend that individuals resign from their current place of work only after receipt of a letter of offer or a contract of employment. Some companies do not provide full contracts and in these instances a letter stating the title, salary and basic duties is sufficient as employment law usually covers all other legal aspects of employment.

When resigning, we recommend that you pick your moment! The start or the end of the day is advisable if possible, particularly if schedules and workloads are busy. During the resignation, have a letter to hand which is polite and conveys just the basic details, "I hereby give notice of my leaving Company X. I have enjoyed my time at Company X and have found a new opportunity which I wish to pursue" - that's it! Tell your Line Manager that you are looking to leave and leave the letter in an envelope on the table.

How will my employer react?/Dealing with counter-offers.

Someone leaving is seldom convenient for any employer. You may encounter a whole range of reactions and emotions, from shock through to sorrow, understanding, acceptance, annoyance or attempts at reconciliation. Counter-offers are not uncommon, particularly as it is usually cheaper to retain staff than to replace them, but if a counter-offer is made, one should consider carefully the reasons behind the desire to move in the first place as the "feel good" of short term solutions such as salary increments or promotions can soon fade, resulting in previous issues re-emerging but without the benefit of the new opportunity to take. Either way it is your decision, though experience has shown that the majority of people who have accepted counter-offers decide to move again within 6 months thereafter.

How do I organise my start date?

Once you have negotiated the date of your departure of your former employer, speak directly to your new employer or your Resources Group Consultant to arrange a date.

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