CV Tips

Above all else, your CV should be clearly set out. Be concise, to the point and avoid verbosity. However, do not try to "cram" it on to one or two pages for the sake of it - if your experience is extensive and it is an interesting "read", it does not matter if your CV should go to three pages or more. In our experience, "personal profiles" are superfluous - your experience will speak for itself.


Always include your full name

Contact Numbers

Give both day and evening contact numbers if possible. Daytime numbers will only be used in emergencies and with complete discretion.

Date of Birth

We recommend you include your date of birth. This often helps the reader to “tally” dates and work & education history, while omitting the date of birth could imply gaps in experience if the work history is not complete clear. However, there is no legal obligation to disclose your date of birth.


Useful information - particularly for international applications where visas may be required.


Be specific. In most cases, you need only specify the number of O Levels/GCSEs (as opposed to listing every subject). For A Levels, give both subjects and grades. Be clear about dates and names of academic institutions. Always state your degree grade - omission will give the impression that you have something to hide. If the grade is not high, you will gain more credibility with employers from being honest and this will encourage the employer to look further at your work experience.

Career Summary

This should be given in reverse chronological order. Give a brief introduction to each company you have worked for, with details of any specialisations. Your current position should be clearly specified with dates. If you have held more than one position in the same company, give full details of your current responsibilities under your current title, and briefly summarise your previous duties under previous titles. Specify clearly the duration spent in each position and give the dates spent with the company as a whole. Give examples of clients and types of projects worked on (e.g. segmentation studies, advertising research, product launches etc.) rather than long narratives of particular projects - save this for the interview! Within the agency sector, particular examples of "winning" or contributing to developing new business are also useful!

Additional Information

Include IT/computer skills, professional qualifications, articles published, training courses attended, driving licence etc.


Avoid clichés or anything possibly contentious, e.g. political activities. Please note that this section gives an indication of what you are like on a personal level in just one or two lines. The "usual" sport/social interests are more than enough - be aware when mentioning anything unusual of how this may appear to a prospective employer. Again, be prepared to be asked about hobbies, e.g. including "theatre" under your interests may prompt the question, "what plays have you seen recently?".

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