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Location, location, location?

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The old adage about a candidate's location being all important has taken something of a battering in the recruitment world this year. Since the end of lockdown, we are seeing a new trend in the marketplace - the virtual workplace is coming of age.

Over the past 6 months or so, many companies are hiring candidates on talent alone, regardless of their location. One recent example shows how this works - we placed a Bristol-based candidate with a Suffolk Insight Agency without the candidate needing to move home. Working from home with only one face to face visit to the office per month, this candidate really has cracked the best of both worlds. And this is not a lone example, but rather a growing trend. It even spreads overseas where we have a Spain-based senior Researcher working for a major UK Agency.

So how has this come about? There are two drivers behind this change:

  • technology. Lockdown has forced everyone to acquire the skills and technology needed to work from home effectively.

  • employers' acceptance of this new norm. It is now understood that a business relationship can be sustained without the need for regular office-based interaction. Teams, Zoom etc. now enable business to continue as normal.

So if you find a job you'd really like to apply for but are worried that you don't want to move home to win it, give us a call. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you too can have the best of both worlds.